330-323-1142 - If you are  looking for quality lawn and landscape  then you have come to the right place. As a local New Philadelphian  I am well aware  of  what it takes to achieve a  great  looking lawn  and  landscape.  My name  is  David  Corey Enderby  and I started my  green  thumb  career  in  1999  giving  me  the  edge  on  experience  and knowledge. I know what it takes to make a customer happy and that means being  there when you say you are going to and doing what you say your going to  do. We  offer  quality  service  at  an  affordable  rate.  All of our work is backed  up  with  a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy, neither am  I.  Join  with  my  other  happy  customers  today,  please  call for a free estimate.
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